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It's Just Like Riding a Bike

I don't know about you, but I feel like we've all been sent back to kindergarten - wash your hands, sneeze into your cough pocket, keep your room clean, be kind to each other. This mandatory stay at home order makes me feel like we are all on holiday - an American vacation without the extended family. We are locked in and the world is changing daily.

So what do we do? We work, as much as possible with a new set of circumstances and obstacles. And we eat. We eat what our skill set can make us with what's left on the shelves at the stores. And we get outside to stretch the legs and get the blood flowing.

For me, walking just isn't enough. I needed something more. Something to replace the cardio blast I'd take in at the gym. I needed a bike.

But it's been years since I've pushed pedals in a circular motion. And I'm not accustomed to wearing a helmet on my head. And of course, I'm clumsy.

Who cares, I got one anyway. When I first took it around the block I was a little nervous. Ok, the second time I took it for a ride I was nervous too. But by the third time I was sprinting across Los Poblanos fields. And I could feel some heat in my legs and blood pumping through my veins.

Point in saying is that the time of isolation is something of a reset for most of the world, but for Americans especially. We are doing things for ourselves again - cooking, cleaning, growing our own food. We've become health care providers to those we are quarantined with; we're cutting each other's hair, mending the holes in our socks, and using up what we have without wasting it. We've all been sent home on sick leave, some with pay, some without. But we are figuring out ways to make it all work. And we are getting wiser as a result.

All this stay at home stuff and living a second childhood is just like riding a bike.

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