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3.5 x 3.5 indoor / outdoor vinyl sticker. Use on car window, bumper, water bottle, notebook, laptop, etc. Buy multiples for yourself and friends. This is a fundraiser to help offset the financial loss of the studio.

Always Look Up Stickers

SKU: ABL_3.5x3.5_ALU_Sticker
  • After the windows were shot out of the downtown art studio, the boarded-up unit was broken into not once, but twice by an 8-time felon. For concern of personal safety and the protection of valuables, the studio space is no longer in operation. This has caused a multi-faceted financial hardship. 


    Still working through this mess. In the shuffle, one of you suggested I do a painting - something that *I* want to do. And 3 words kept coming to the forefront of my mind. Always. Look. Up. I want to get a message out there of hope, perseverance, and Amy fashion positivity. 


    I wanted to make something strong and delicate, something simple and complex, something uplifting and inspirational, and something representing an inner circle. All of that, and it needed to be pretty dope. So I painted this. 


    Some see it as a flower, some see it as a bird. Others see a starburst, sunlight, and a warrior holding a torch. I see it as Maverick getting back up in the air and flying after Goose dies. 


    So for those of you interested, I’m selling 3.5x3.5 stickers of this ABL original for $5  as a fundraiser. Slap them on your car window, your thermos or water bottle, your laptop, notebook, etc. - and slip some in a greeting card or gift basket. Stick them to show support and solidarity, and help spread a message of hope in hard times, and the enormous power of positive thinking. Please share the link, and help me rebuild. 


    Thank you to all who have helped me.

    Sticker from original painting “Always Look Up” acrylic on canvas, 36x36

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